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Driveway surfacing

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Are you looking to install driveway surfacing on your property? We are a professional resin surfacing company, with a wide variety of resin based products. Gaysha have been designing and installing resin bound driveway surfaces for over 15 years and we have gained an fantastic reputation for delivering outstanding results.

We have a variety of resin surfacing products, which includes Clearmac®, Tripave®, Stonebond®, Playsafe®, Clearmac® Quartz, Clearmac® Eco and SafeStable. All of our products have their own purpose, for example, Clearmac® Quartz as an ideal surface for spas and health clubs.

Our Clearmac® resin bound paving is a great choice for driveway surfacing, as it requires minimal maintenance. Clearmac® is cold-applied and is weather resistant, comprised of graded aggregates and bound with a clear polyurethane resin binder. Resin bound driveway surfacing is an attractive, durable and permeable surface which is SuDS compliant. With Clearmac®, the aggregate is encapsulated in a clear binder, meaning there are no loose stones. The driveway surfacing require minimal maintenance, as there is no need to sweep gravel back into position and no weeds can grow through. Clearmac® is manufactured and supplied under an ISO 9001 quality management system, certified by QAS International to ensure it’s produced to the highest quality.

Although Clearmac® is commonly used as driveway surfacing, it is also used as a surface for pathways, urban regeneration projects and school playgrounds. If you would like to find out more about our Clearmac® driveway surfacing, please visit our Resin Driveway page.

Would you like an estimate for our resin bound driveway surfacing? Then head over to our ‘Request a Quote’ page here. Simply enter your contact information into the form, along with the dimensions, product and aggregate colour you require and we’ll get in touch with the quotation.

If you would like to purchase a resin bound driveway, contact Gaysha. Call us on 01322 340 350 or email info@gaysha.co.uk for more information. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on Contact Us page of our Website. Just enter all necessary information into the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.