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What is the difference between resin bound and resin bonded?

Resin bound – the aggregate and the resin are mixed together and then trowel applied over a prepared base. The final surface is permeable and suitable for SUDS applications and results in a smooth, level surface with no loose stones. Designs are easily incorporated, and there’s a huge choice of aggregates and colours.

Resin Bonded
 (no wonder people get confused) is a scatter system. The resin is applied over a suitable base, and the gravel or aggregate is scattered over the resin before it sets. It provides texture and the appearance of loose aggregate (surface dressing). It is impermeable and waterproof, with excellent slip and skid resistance. Easy to apply, installation is very fast, with the surface usable in as little as two hours.

Is your resin bound paving permeable?

Our resin bound range is permeable and SUDS compatible, allowing the water to percolate through the surface and beyond when a suitable base has been installed. The devastating summer floods of 2007 highlighted the risks of water build up in urban areas and so the provision of sustainable drainage has been made a priority by the Environment Agency.

What is SUDS?

We state in our literature that our permeable pavings are SUDS-compatible but what does this mean? Sustainable Urban Draining Systems (SUDS) are a means to manage rainwater run off so that it emulates natural drainage. SUDS employ various techniques to effectively manage drainage which include dry ditches, detention/attenuation ponds, permeable paving and underground storage tanks.

More information on SUDS can be found here:

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What layer depth is recommended?

Detailed specification sheets are available for download on each of our individual product pages.

How many different colours are available?

All of our surfacing is available in a range of standard colours (see product pages for details) and bespoke colours can be manufactured on request.