What is a resin driveway?

Comprised of natural gravel or stone, encapsulated in a clear resin binder, to form an attractive, durable and permeable surface, a resin driveway with a permeable construction underneath is SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant and does not require planning permission plus the smooth surface is free from trip hazards and wheelchair friendly.

Why choose a resin driveway?

As the aggregate is encapsulated in a clear binder, there are no loose stones, meaning no stone loss and no sweeping gravel back into position. No weeds can grow so it requires minimal maintenance and is permeable so installing one requires no planning permission.

Most of all a resin bound driveway is attractive and really adds ‘kerb appeal‘ to your property. There are a large number of aggregate blends available to suit any setting and we can even produce bespoke mixes on request for special projects.

Why choose us to install your resin driveway?

The resin paving industry is growing at a very fast pace but we have been here since its early days and pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout the last 15 years we have built strong relationships with valued clients and are proud of our reputation. Our directors are involved in every project from the outset to ensure everything runs smoothly and our residential surfacing is covered by our 5 year guarantee. We install resin surfacing and flooring throughout the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to visit our FAQ section in which we try to provide answers to the most common questions about resin drives. If you have a question which isn’t covered please fill in the form on our contact page or call our office on 01795 663656.

Download our Domestic resin driveways brochure below:

Specification Advice:

A resin bound driveway needs to be installed on a solid base, for example existing or recently installed concrete or tarmac. It cannot be installed on top of existing flags or block paving as these surfaces move over time which will cause the resin surface to crack. To arrange a site visit please contact 01795 663656 or fill in the form on our contact page.

Resin Bound Paving Blends

Autumn Quartz Resin Bound Paving Blend

Autumn Quartz

Brittany Beech Resin Bound Paving Blend

Brittany Beech

Brittany Danish Resin Bound Paving Blend

Brittany Danish

Country Buff Resin Bound Paving Blend

Country Buff

Light Quartz Resin Bound Paving Blend

Light Quartz

New Autumn Gold Resin Bound Paving Blend

New Autumn Gold

Red Granite Resin Bound Paving Blend

Red Granite

Rhine Gold Resin Bound Paving Blend

Rhine Gold

Silver Blue Resin Bound Paving Blend

Silver Blue

Speckled Grey Granite Resin Bound Paving Blend

Speckled Grey Granite

Trent Pea Resin Bound Paving Blend

Trent Pea

Tuscan Barley Beech Resin Bound Paving Blend

Tuscan Barley Beech