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Set Rates Make Estimating As Simple As Multiplying By The Square Footage

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Nigel Farnan, Project Manager for Elite Landscapes, appreciates the simplicity of getting a superb surface finish for a set rate. Having worked with Gaysha for 12 years, he is very well placed to vouch for their quality and great value:

“I save a great deal of time working with Gaysha. Because we have a set-rate, it takes a matter of moments to figure out what the final bill will be.”

“And they work with particularly flexible resin-bound products. They look fantastic in some of the prestigious riverside block projects we do in London.”

“The product can be walked or driven upon pretty much straight away. It’s light which is ideal for roofing finishes where weight is a challenge. And it only needs a thin layer and is flexible enough to cover even concrete or tarmac.”

A Contractor I Can Rely On

“They get on with it without a fuss. Because we’ve worked with them for so many years, I know how flexible they are. They still completed on time recently for example when I had several trades on site at once for a project which needed completion within 10 days.”

“And when you consider that their role in a project is often the final part prior to completion, they simply got on with it, working around the congestion challenges with an extremely tight deadline.”

Would I Recommend Them? Absolutely

“They are a great team of people. Always well prepared. Flexible on-site. They work around problems that would stop others until an intervention.”

“I feel far more relaxed when their team is on the job as it allows me to focus on other issues without the worry. I strongly recommend them.”

Gaysha Director Andy Wilders on working with Nigel

“We go back a long way now, and Nigel and his team are a great bunch of people to work with. That relationship has developed so that we work extremely well together. They know the limitations we work within, but equally, we know precisely what they want and how they work so projects are completed to the satisfaction of all.”


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