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Surfacing Specialists Who Work Around Problems Without Those Additional Costs Others Charge

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Ringers Road

Edward Stirling, the Project Surveyor for Foundation Developments, has worked with Gaysha on a number of projects, most recently a 400 square metre residential development at Ringers Road in Bromley.

“The resin bound product was used because it’s a great looking product, ideal when its porous nature aids drainage. Together with their excellent organisation, they make a great team.”

“Having tried apparently cheaper contractors, I prefer Gaysha because they turn up on time, reschedule rapidly when for example the grounds are not ready, so you don’t get those additional costs others charge.”

“And that’s how I first came across them. An appointed contractor simply didn’t have the available labour at the last minute, and as I now know, true to form, Gaysha stepped in and saved the day.”

Ready-To-Go, Adept At Adapting

“One of Gaysha’s key strengths is their ability to just get on with it without making a fuss. Because they are usually last in before project completion, it’s vital they take away problems and stress from me so I can focus on other things.”

“There are all manner of issues, for example the area not being ready yet, part of it being covered by plant. As far as my clients’ concerned, the areas are available and they want them completed as quickly as possible. This is where Gaysha stands out against other companies. We never have any issues with their time management, they just get on with it. They may not be rock-bottom on price, but they allow for all the general issues you have on site, especially with hard landscaping where you do have delays.”

“From my point of view, I know they will find a way to continue, or if they have to reschedule, I can rely on them to return quickly to get the job done.”

Vital Contribution To Project Completion

“They are an important factor in getting the job completed. When needed, they will find a way around hitting deadlines, even though many of the barriers are created by others.”

Gaysha Director Andy Wilders on working with Edward

“Eddie is a great no nonsense guy to work with. Whenever we hit a snag, he steps in and helps us work around the issue together. We make a great team.”

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