Precast resin cobblestones embedded in a resin base layer to create an attractive antique style surface.

Resin surface

Vintage style resin cobblestones are a beautiful and durable alternative to traditional paving surfaces. Their striking appearance means they are ideal for traffic demarcation schemes, whilst the speed of the application process a base layer allows areas to be reopened to traffic within 30 minutes.

Several colour and size combinations are available and the cobblestones can be laid in a single colour or colours can be alternated throughout the surface to further enhance the antique appearance.


Vintage style resin cobblestone paving is ideal for traffic calming and demarcation zones:

• Roundabouts

• Car parks

• Reduced-speed zones

• Pedestrian areas

• Central islands

• Street arrangements

It is also perfect anywhere a vintage or rustic appearance is required.


As well as being aesthetically pleasing they also help contribute to road safety, being both slip resistant and non-icing.

Colours and cobblestone sizes

There are six stone colours available as standard – 3 plain & 3 speckled. The plain blends are available in straight cut only, while the speckled blends come in both straight cut & rustic. Cobblestones come in 100mm2 and 150mm2 versions, both 5.5mm thick.

Download Vintage Style Resin Cobblestones data sheet below:

Resin Cobblestone Data Sheet


Vintage Style Cobblestone Tile Colours