A seamless quartz based stone carpet flooring system ideal for houses, offices, showrooms and health spas. It can also now be used in outside areas, making it ideal for garden areas and hot tub/swimming pool surrounds.

Resin surface

Clearmac® Quartz stone carpet comprises coloured or natural quartz grains, bonded in epoxy or polyurethane resin to create a wall to wall modern flooring surface.


Clearmac® Quartz stone carpet can be readily installed on a wide selection of surfaces and can be opened for use typically within 24 hours of application.


Clearmac® Quartz provides the warmth and comfort of a traditional carpet but is far easier to keep clean and lasts for many years. The surface is ideal for most internal uses, with a UV resistant grade available for use outdoors or in rooms with large windows. For bathrooms, toilets and kitchens a hygienic grade is available which is fully sealed.

Quality Assurance

Clearmac® Quartz flooring is supplied and laid within ISO 9001 quality management systems certified by BSI.

Download Clearmac® Quartz flooring data sheet below:

Clearmac Quartz Data Sheet


Clearmac® Quartz Flooring Colours