Stonebond® is an easy-to-use, cold-applied, polyurethane (PU) resin surface dressing used for bonding selected aggregates to macadam, asphalt, concrete, metal or timber surfaces.

Resin surface

A hard-wearing, durable, textured surface with enhanced slip resistance and anti-skid properties, Stonebond looks like shingle but without the problems of loose stone.


Stonebond® can be used with a wide range of both natural and pigmented aggregates for decorative, slip-resistant dressings, and can be applied to new construction or to existing surfaces. Ideal for

  • footpaths and pathways
  • pedestrian areas
  • cycleways
  • traffic calming
  • hard landscaping
  • heritage sites
  • colour demarcation
  • anti-skid applications

Stonebond® resin is available in buff, red, green and grey to give added colour enhancement to the dressed natural aggregate.

Download Stonebond® resin bonded data sheet:

Stonebond data sheet

Specification Advice:

Please be aware that these advice sheets are provided solely for guidance and should not be used as a replacement for a design tailored to the specific site conditions.

Laying on a macadam base
Laying on a concrete base


Stonebond® Aggregate Blends