A permeable decorative paving system containing recycled materials, ideal as a greener alternatives to traditional paving surfaces.

Resin surface

Clearmac® Eco porous decorative paving is made from used car tyres ground down into 3-6mm rubber granules, which are combined with similar sized stone granules using a specialised bonding agent. The resulting material is extremely flexible and highly porous, allowing natural drainage. The surface is fully water permeable and so compatible with Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS).


Clearmac® Eco porous decorative paving is moisture cured and ready to use within 24 hours.

Ideal for

  • footpaths and courtyards
  • tree surrounds
  • pedestrian areas
  • golf courses
  • trails/woodland paths
  • cycle routes
  • car parks


Clearmac® Eco paving is extremely flexible, impact absorbent and able to withstand vehicular traffic up to 80 tonnes. The surface is slip resistant, self-cleaning and sustainable (using 3 recycled tyres per m2). It is also sensitive to nature and water bodies, removing phosphates and nitrates from water passing through the surface.

Download Clearmac Eco data sheet below:

Clearmac Eco Data Sheet


Clearmac Eco Aggregate Blends